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We make it really hard to get in, but then we also make it infinitely easier to stay.

Why Work With Us?

We value smart work, not hard work.
We love the hustle, not the hassle.
We want you to grow, not to stay forever.
We want you to work with us, not for us.

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Make Every Workday as Rewarding as Humanly Possible

Conquer the Peaks of your Career​

Our Exec benefits​

Be at your best in your work each day, every day. ​

Remote Set-up Allowance​

Want to design a workspace that works best for you! We’ll help you set it all up with a monthly allowance. ​

Talent Referral Bonus​

Help us find more talent like you and we will reward you for each recommendation ​

Upskill Increments

The only way is up and if you achieve your employee roadmap, we will raise the bar on compensation with each new skill development certificate.

Role-based Certifications

Looking to finance your career growth? We reimburse 100% of the cost of the exam fees of any certification that will deepen your expertise

Personal Monthly Credit

Want to play hard outside of work? We want to be in the best shape of your life, whether it’s physical, mental or a chill-out swim. We offer a monthly reimbursement for the activities you love!

Ready to climb the mountain?

Hike the Exec Trail!

Supervised Onboarding

Seize your first day! You will be paired with an expert to identify knowledge gaps, areas of improvement and workflow efficiency

Weekly 1-1 Personal Development Sessions

Find your Flow! With our productivity and well-being expert, we develop mindsets and habits to take you to the next level. 

Weekly Professional Training Sessions

Take the training! Internal training pitch decks are packed with the latest tips and tricks of the trade to keep you sharp and jumping on your feet.

Learning Tracks & Certification Stipends

Keep climbing on! We develop learning tracks for 100% job success with quarterly certifications for skill growth.

AI tool integrations

Do what you can’t do! We will subscribe to any AI tools that maximize your time and productivity. 

OKRs and Personal Goals

Break the personal records. We will develop and track your employee’s self-defined OKRs and personal goals to sustain your motivation and growth!

Partner Employees

Have fun at work! We pair two employees in similar roles within EverestX to help them seek support and work smarter in every task.


As a skilled graphic designer with 3+ years of experience, Arslan is passionate about creating visually compelling designs that communicate messages effectively. With a strong understanding of design principles, roficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, and excellent communication skills, he can collaborate with clients and team members to deliver high-quality design solutions.