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How It Works?

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What can you expect* from Virtual Associates

*Depending on their role

Social Media Management

Our Marketing Executives are trained in a variety of online marketing services including SEO, SEM, social media, content marketing, copywriting, proofing and editing, content moderation, and data analysis and market research. With our expertise, you can trust that your marketing efforts will be in capable hands and drive results for your clients.

Sales + Lead Generation

EverestX’s experienced sales professionals support your team’s inbound and outbound efforts, manage clients and leads with precision and efficiency. Partner with us to take your sales efforts to the next level.

Customer Support

Our remote executive can also handle customer support roles including customer acquisition, customer retention, customer service, and technical support. They understand how important it is to quickly resolve any problems faced by the customers and deal with the complaints to maintain trust and the credibility of your agency.

Prospecting & Cold Outreach

EverestX Sales executives are continuously trained resulting in 120+ calls/day & 15 high-quality sales appointments per month for their clients.

We stay put, while you’re on the go!

CRM Management

All of our remote executives receive basic training for CRM management and can also be trained on any CRM that you use.

Virtual Executive Assistant

From email and calendar management, to project updates and document creation, your remote executive is able to handle it all. You’ll never have to worry about managing the day-to-day tasks again.

You need a talent partner like EverestX to take care of it all

Step 1
Resume Sourcing

After building a Job Description, we source CVs and resumes according to your hiring needs

Step 2
Video Introduction

All candidates record a video introduction to introduce themselves along with their top achievements

Step 3
Skill Test

We conduct assessments to find top-notch candidates.

Step 4
Case Interview

Qualifying candidates go through a real-time case interview with our hiring expert to assess their job-readiness.

Step 5
Personal Experience Interview

We shortlist the candidates who are remote-fit and willing to work long-term for you.

Step 6
Reference Checks

We reach out to previous employers and vet the candidates with testimonials and references.

Step 7
Dry Run

 The Dry Run is a kind of simulation interview where we ask pressure questions and identify any red flags.

Step 8
Client Interview

Handpicked remote executives are ready for your ultimate hiring decision and start working for you!


Every Employee hired from EverestX works for your agency alone. On a direct-hire contract managed by us!


As a skilled graphic designer with 3+ years of experience, Arslan is passionate about creating visually compelling designs that communicate messages effectively. With a strong understanding of design principles, roficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, and excellent communication skills, he can collaborate with clients and team members to deliver high-quality design solutions.