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EverestX Account Executives | Unlike social butterflies, they walk the talk! Digital Marketing Executives | Market-hardened, they are always top-of-their-socials. Sales Development Executives | Smooth as ever, they won’t stop until they win the deal.

Don’t believe us? Here’s What We Do, Others Can’t.

We help Agencies Like Yours Cut 50% of Their Future Employee Expense with Guaranteed Productive Efficiency & Value Creation

AI-Enhancements in each role for SuperHuman Productivity

We are thinkers, tinkerers and experimenters. We believe in the power of forward-thinking tools and technology. And, while AI might not be good enough to replace us, we can still use it to get the job done better and faster. All EverestX employees are provided with AI subscriptions to supercharge their productive efforts.

A Hiring Process for 99% Job Success

We know finding the right talent can be a real challenge, especially when it comes to digital marketing. Our 4-step hiring process means less stress and more job success. 

Top Marketing & Sales Graduates

EverestX has partnered with top local business institutions to source high-caliber graduates

Job-specific Case Assessment

Each potential candidate is vetted by our digital marketing expert after a 1-1 job-specific case assessment

Personal Experience & Remote-Fit

We go the extra mile to do reliable background and reference checks for testimonials.

Client Interview

Hand-picked candidates are presented along with video resumes and assessment results.

Hire as Seamlessly as it Sounds

Strategy Session

Your hiring and role requirements drive the process from the get-go.


Prioritize quality over quantity and interview pre-vetted candidates


Onboard international talent as dedicated team members for permanent roles

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We help Agencies Like Yours cut 50% of Their Future Employee Expense


/ Hour

$800/ Bi-Weekly

Digital Marketing Executive

Market-hardened, they are always top-of-their-socials.


/ Hour

$800/ Bi-Weekly

Sales Development Executive

Smooth as ever, they won’t stop until they win the deal.


/ Hour

$800/ Bi-Weekly

Account Executive

Unlike social butterflies, they walk the talk!

We Take Care of Everything Else

Never worry about your Remote Employees Ever Again

EverestX personally manages Off-shore employees via performance tracking, regular check-ins, and feedback sessions to ensure that your employees are meeting their goals and that their work aligns with your company's objectives.

Hired by you, Upskilled by EverestX for FREE

EverestX takes every measure to train and develop the employees for continuous professional growth. All employees take regular coaching sessions, technology training, and workflow improvement measures. Every quarter, we offer them a chance to acquire professional certificates to take their skill expertise to the next level.


Every Employee hired from EverestX works for your agency alone. On a direct-hire contract managed by us!


As a skilled graphic designer with 3+ years of experience, Arslan is passionate about creating visually compelling designs that communicate messages effectively. With a strong understanding of design principles, roficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, and excellent communication skills, he can collaborate with clients and team members to deliver high-quality design solutions.