Account Executives​

Stop settling for average account management.
Our Remote Account Executives are not just talk, but action.

They possess the skills and technology to drive growth and foster lasting relationships. Join the ranks of successful agencies who have made the switch and experience real results.
Smooth as ever, they are highly skilled in managing and growing existing accounts. They build and maintain relationships with key stakeholders, and also identify and pursue new business opportunities.

Experience the Delight of True Client Success

At EverestX, we understand the importance of providing exceptional customer service in order to retain clients and drive growth. That's why we offer the industry's best remote account management services, handpicked to fit the unique needs of your agency. With our affordable and valuable resources, you can have the best of both worlds - the ability to drive growth and stay within budget. Trust us to help you soar to new heights and achieve the success you've always envisioned for your agency


/ Hour

$800/ Bi-Weekly

Account Executive

Unlike social butterflies, they walk the talk!


Exceptional Communication Skills

Our executives build and maintain strong, effective communication with both clients and internal team members. This ensures that projects are delivered on time, and that your team is working together to provide the best possible customer service.

Generating Upsells

Account Executives identifying new opportunities to upsell services to existing clients. We provide regular progress reports and forecasts to ensure that your agency is always moving forward and growing.

Building Strong Relationships

Skilled in building and maintaining strong, lasting relationships with clients, our team follows a plan of action to propose effective solutions that meet and exceed client expectations.

Quality-Checked and Trained

EverestX Account Executives undergo rigorous quality checks and training. We train our Account Managers to use specific software and tools that are used within your agency, and provide bi-weekly training on CRM, leadership, and sales.

Exceptional Client Servicing

We understand the importance of providing prompt and effective client servicing. We work to quickly resolve any issues that may arise and maintain a positive image for your agency.

Hassle-Free Hiring

At EverestX, we take care of all the recruitment headaches for you. We handle all payments, tax forms, and HR responsibilities, so you can focus on growing your agency.

Ready to Hire an EverestX Remote Executive?

We help Agencies Like Yours cut 50% of Their Future Employee Expense

Never worry about your Remote Employees Ever Again

EverestX personally manages Off-shore employees via performance tracking, regular check-ins, and feedback sessions to ensure that your employees are meeting their goals and that their work aligns with your company's objectives.

Hired by you, Upskilled by EverestX for FREE

EverestX takes every measure to train and develop the employees for continuous professional growth. All employees take regular coaching sessions, technology training, and workflow improvement measures. Every quarter, we offer them a chance to acquire professional certificates to take their skill expertise to the next level.


Every Employee hired from EverestX works for your agency alone. On a direct-hire contract managed by us!


As a skilled graphic designer with 3+ years of experience, Arslan is passionate about creating visually compelling designs that communicate messages effectively. With a strong understanding of design principles, roficiency in Adobe Creative Suite, and excellent communication skills, he can collaborate with clients and team members to deliver high-quality design solutions.